Friday, 27 July 2012

Island & Jungle

These 2 creations are on themes of Island & Jungle.

The Island is suitably created in a bell jar with mix of Fittonia, small ferns and creepers planted within logs and rocks.

The other 2 are scenes of Jungle with figurines of Zebra and Leopard placed in rocky terrains amid Pilea and Fittonia.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Terrariums as Housewarming Gifts

These 2 Closed Terrariums are delivered as gifts for housewarming. They make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and festive seasons as well.

Botanical Workshop: Terra Botanica

3hrs (small class of up to 10 students)
Class Slots:
Weds 05 Sept 2012 (10am to 1pm)
Thurs 06 Sept 2012 (10am to 1pm)

- Participants will be exposed to this botanical workshop in making Terrariums. They will be informed of the historical background, context and making of this mini-ecosystem in glass containers. With introduction of its technical know-how and various types/designs of Terrariums, participants will create their own with provision of necessary equipment, tools, raw materials and wide selection of plants. They will also be informed of know-how in taking care and sustaining the Terrariums.

Venue for all classes
Composite Art & Design (Studio)
520 Sims Ave #02-04
Singapore 387 580

For enquiries of our workshops, please contact ST Lau:
HP: 9793 5566 Tel/Fax: 6747 1943

520 Sims Ave #02-04 Singapore 387 580
Business registration: 53064397M

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Enclose the Zen Landscape

These Enclosed Terrariums are formed with Mosses and Baby Tears, together with pebbles and rocks, to emulate and mimic Zen-like landscape. These plants thrive in high humidity and will grow well in Closed Terrariums.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Enclosed Terrariums (Pilea/Fittonia)

Different species of Pilea and Fittonia are 'landscaped' like a tropical garden in these Enclosed Terrariums. These plants have a high tolerance for humidity and moisture, hence well suited to be enclosed in the glass where moisture is recycled through evaporation and condensation. Place them in well-lit area and they only require watering once a month or even less. They actually form a microcosmic, self-contained ecosystem of plants.